Transcend the ordinary
(re)-discover the spine-tingling realism
of a good home stereo system
Our reason for being there
To help guide in selecting the hi-fi components necessary for you to create a personal space where life's timetable and burdens are simply put on hold. Hi-fi equipment that creates a direct emotional connection to your music and, when we get it right, the incredible spine-tingling sensation… of "being there".
Being there. AUDIO
Discover a small audio "boutique", where you will find that we care about how good the music sounds-no matter its source. Simply and refreshingly focused on your needs.

Humble Hi-end
We offer a careful selection of "humble hi end" hi-fi products---in other words, stereo components offering incredible value--from the exceptionally good to those rare products that transcend the ordinary.
Unique Experience
It starts with a visit, a coffee, and the start of a conversation focused on your needs. Particularly: your system, room, music, aesthetic, budget and timing.
We are knowledgeable and passionate about good sound and comfortable with the "old" and the "new" - analog and digital.