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“We carry the Pro-ject brand as our entry turntable line for one good reason—the basics of a good table are there-starting at $300.

Perhaps Heinz Lichtenegger will be seen as a visionary. Simply stated his vision was:

 “… to bring as many people to the life-enhancing enjoyment of listening to music in Hi-Fi quality. And, analog vinyl playback is, “… the most cost effective way to listen to music in audiophile quality.”




Cool-- and it beats any “plastic” table out there. The money is in the right places-brand name Ortofon red cartridge and anti vibration alignment of motor/belt



“Although Lichtenegger has also railed against the sale of plastic turntables in print, he has instead decided to address the root cause of the problem by producing a turntable that’s as low-priced as the chain store-type turntables (well, almost), but is so obviously of much higher quality that anyone looking for a cheap turntable would be silly not to buy one. That turntable is the Elemental…. The only real pity is that people who do not read this review will continue to buy those horrible plastic units, never realizing that for almost exactly the same outlay they could have been proud (and I mean that literally, too) owners of a real turntable: one that will give them years of happy listening, …”

Chris Croft, Australia Hi-Fi Magazine, 2014


“The Elemental won’t show up specialist, well-designed turntables, but it will expose those plastic turntables for the gimmicks they are. But more importantly – its performance level fully justifies its purchase for those venturing into vinyl playback for the first time… Simply put, the Elemental has set a new benchmark for budget turntables.”

J. Loh,, 2105


"The Elemental is yet another top-class budget deck from Pro-Ject. It's a fine first step on the vinyl ladder."

What Hi-Fi, 5-Star review.




“As the name implies this is a back-to-basics kind of product. There are no headline-grabbing materials or technologies here, just great build at a highly competitive price… Pro-Ject has done it again. The Essential II is a frill-free entry-level product that gets all the basics spot-on.”

What Hi-Fi, Best turntable up to £400.

A step up—anti vibration plinth and dust cover—all the basic are right

If reviews matter, then this is a must listen-again a real step up


“As an entry-level design the Debut Carbon nails the basics: dynamic shading and speed constancy. The essentials of what we call “rhythm and pace” are impressive. Without this foundation a turntable is going to fail at its most important job—drawing us into the music.”

Wayne Garcia, Absolute Sound, 2012


“…It does a superb job with fundamentals. Moreover, when used in concert with modest gear, it provides musicality that MP3 players and inexpensive CD players cannot match. Yes, this ‘table is all you need to get hooked on analog. Hence, we are thrilled to give the Carbon an Exceptional Value Award for 2012.”

Tone Audio, 2012


“… no name phone stage and through entry level Focal lifestyle speakers. What we heard out of the box was nothing short of remarkable. I cannot emphasize enough that all young people rebuilding the vinyl numbers and shouting its praises should audition one of these turntables. Very highly recommended.”

Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia, 2015

Phono Stages


“…the PhonoBox has been quite a surprise. Its tonal balance tends to be slightly on the warm side, with soft treble and slightly overblown mid-bass and bass. This equilibrium certainly helps to counterbalance the natural attitude of those cheap turntables and carts, to which the PhonoBox will be eventually connected to.”

Lucio Cadeddu, TNT, 2003



“Functioning as an MM phono stage, …no nonsense and with plenty of weight. The muscular bass is powerful yet controlled …It does better than most budget boxes in MC mode, however. There’s weight and detail here…”

What Hi-Fi, 2013




“Functioning as an MM phono stage, …no nonsense and with plenty of weight. The muscular bass is powerful yet controlled …It does better than most budget boxes in MC mode, however. There’s weight and detail here…”

What Hi-Fi, 2013